SkyBlock Season 6 Release


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SkyBlock Season 6
Season Length: 4 Weeks
Release Date: September 12th, 2020 at 12:00 CST

Hello everyone! The time is here for the release of our sixth season of SkyBlock. This reset will consist of a bunch of small changes from season 6 along with a few major features.
  • Outpost!
    • We have added a claimable outpost available at /warp outpost. This will be available once a day and will reward an Outpost Key to the capturing team!​

  • Bosses and Mobs
    • In an effort to make more use out of our PvP arenas we have added Boss Battles and other PvE mobs to the Outpost area. You will see these get progressively harder as the season progresses.
  • Envoy Rebalance
    • Envoy drops are now available in the Outpost. Due to the size of the outpost there are more drops than there were before. This caused us to have to rebalance the envoys drop chances to make them not so OP
  • Printer
    • We have brought back printer for this Season. We will be constantly adjusting settings to make sure we have a kick free printing experience while also making sure that the server is still protected.
  • Credits
    • Season 6 introduces a new currency, Credits. This is a global currency that you will get from voting. You will get 1-3 credits per vote that can be used in a vote shop /vshop. You can also get these from Legendary, Mythical, and Outpost Crates
  • Crate Rebalance and new Crate
    • We have rebalanced the Crates. They were overbalanced before and the rewards they gave were minimal. We have also included credits and temporary donator ranks spanning from 1d-7d for Squire, Thane, and Emperor.
  • Harvester Hoe's
    • This season sees the return of the AutoSell Enchantment on the Harvester Hoes. After conversations with the developer it seems like the issue with hoes disappearing has been fixed and we will be bringing the enchantment back!
This season didn't really bring that many major changes. Rebranding everything under Arcadia and fixing a few longstanding issues took up most of the last weeks since Season 5 ended. I personally will be working on new features for Season 7 after making sure that everything with Season 6 is stable. We're also trying out a few new systems this season that we will be adjusting and balancing as issues arrive.

All donator ranks will be wiped for Season 6, please open a ticket on our discord with proof showing that you bought it. A screenshot from the email showing both your username and the rank would be great proof. A screenshot from in-game is not
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