Coming Soon...™


High Councilor
Hello Everybody!

Lately we've had a lot of changes to the network. We went from BlockPalace to Arcadia, released a new season of SkyBlock and many other things. I just wanted to write this to update you guys on things that have been happening in the background. Here are some things that we plan to have coming soon!
  • Event Server
    • Within the next few weeks we will be launching an event server. This server will be a rotating set of gamemodes that will change bi-weekly and will give out rewards. We haven't fully decided on a reward scheme but thinking it'll consist of Coupons, PayPal, and Discord Nitro. There will be a further announcement of when the first release will be and what the rewards will be
  • Annihilation Cancellation
    • Last week Annihilations Head-Admin and Lead Developer resigned. This was due to their own reasons. Due to this Annihilation was canceled as a full gamemode. This doesn't mean that we will not be hosting mini annihilation games. I plan to have Annihilation be one of the gamemodes that we rotate for the event server
  • SkyBlock Season 6
    • The last two seasons of SkyBlock have honestly not been that decent. Low Player-Base, Low Retention, and other issues. As this season ended last Saturday we will be leaving that server open until the next season.
  • SkyBlock Season 7/ SkyBlock Season 1: Resetting the Clock
    • I have high hopes for this season. This in my opinion will be a complete redo of our current infrastructure to implement new technologies that I have found and been testing, and will include many new features. Some of those features include
      • Companions
      • Custom Weapons
      • Dungeons
      • and much more
    • Stay tuned for a full announcement concerning this season in the coming weeks. Be forewarned that for the next few weeks my attention will be on launching the event server and making sure it's stable. I've already started work on this season though.
  • New Discord Core and Revamp
    • Within the next few days you will see the discord be revamped into a more friendly and usable system. You will also see the addition of @Azrael our new discord bot core. I plan to automate the creation of issues in our backend panel with this new core and many other things.
  • Survival Season 1
    • Coming soon we will be releasing a completely new from the ground up survival season. The last season from BlockPalace did not go so well. Due to multiple issues I imagine. We will be implementing some of the changes we made for SkyBlock Season 5, 6 and 7. This will come after the SkyBlock Season 1 releases and is stable.
Overall, thank you guys for sticking with us, and the network through the past few months. I know we've had our ups and downs but I hope with the coming changes that we will rise once more like a phoenix from its ashes.