Arcadia Network and Block Palace Merger


High Councilor

New Beginnings as One

Hello Everyone!

Here at the Arcadia Network we have some exciting news, we have merged with the BlockPalace Minecraft Network! We will be integrating their network and servers into our existing systems, starting with moving everything over to our dedicated servers. After that we will be resetting each of the BlockPalace Servers to fit Arcadia, while adding our own custom features such as ChatTags, Custom TabTags, our AntiCheat, Companions, and more! Here is a more in depth explanation of what all this entails

Our first bit of transitioning is mainly going to be moving over the sub servers from the BlockPalace dedicated servers, and merging the bans databases. We won't be focusing on rebranding until the end of the current seasons for all of the servers. In doing this Arcadia will be transitioning to a Semi-Premium infrastructure, utilizing the same systems that are already in place on BlockPalace. This is in an effort to keep you guys happy and open us up to more players. Next we will be releasing a new store for Arcadia Network, that has added in the BlockPalace items, as well as our own. This is a completely new system as such we will not be able to transition existing purchases over except manually. Which I will be doing but it will be slow as theres a lot to transfer here.

Everyone here on the staff team has big plans for our future, and we're glad that BlockPalace and her community are here to enjoy these things with us. Also announcing that after this merger is completed we will be launching a Creative server as a nice chill place to hang out with friends and build while waiting for the start of the next season. Also please remember that SkyBlock Season 5 ends August 18th 2020 and the server will be shut down until the start of Season 6. Please stay tuned for the announcement of the top islands of the season and the Season 5 Payouts.

As for Season 6 please submit your feedback on Season 5 and what you want to see in Season 6 here

Welcome everyone to the Arcadia Network everyone, We hope you have a great time!