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Hello Everybody!

Lately we've had a lot of changes to the network. We went from BlockPalace to Arcadia, released a new season of SkyBlock and many other things. I just wanted to write this to update you guys on things that have been happening in the background. Here are some things that we plan to have coming soon!
  • Event Server
    • Within the next few weeks we will be launching an event server. This server will be a rotating set of gamemodes that will change bi-weekly and will give out rewards. We haven't fully decided on a reward scheme but thinking it'll consist of Coupons, PayPal, and Discord Nitro. There will be a further announcement of when the first release will be and what the rewards will be
  • Annihilation Cancellation
    • Last week...

SkyBlock Season 6 Release

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SkyBlock Season 6
Season Length: 4 Weeks
Release Date: September 12th, 2020 at 12:00 CST

Hello everyone! The time is here for the release of our sixth season of SkyBlock. This reset will consist of a bunch of small changes from season 6 along with a few major features.
  • Outpost!
    • We have added a claimable outpost available at /warp outpost. This will be available once a day and will reward an Outpost Key to the capturing team!​

  • Bosses and...

Arcadia Network and Block Palace Merger

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New Beginnings as One

Hello Everyone!

Here at the Arcadia Network we have some exciting news, we have merged with the BlockPalace Minecraft Network! We will be integrating their network and servers into our existing systems, starting with moving everything over to our dedicated servers. After that we will be resetting each of the BlockPalace Servers to fit Arcadia, while adding our own custom features such as ChatTags, Custom TabTags, our AntiCheat, Companions, and more! Here is a more in depth explanation of what all this entails

Our first bit of transitioning is mainly going to be moving over the sub servers from the BlockPalace dedicated servers, and merging the bans databases. We won't be focusing on rebranding until the end of the current seasons for all of the servers. In doing this Arcadia will be transitioning to a Semi-Premium infrastructure...